Prospect of China’s New Generation Recoverable Satellite Piggyback Service

Thursday 4 October 2018, 12:00 – 13:00
Location: Bremen Conference Center – CCB Hansesaal

China will launch its first commercial recoverable satellite in 2019. During 2019~2025, 15 missions are planned, creating new prospects of commercial space services for flying and returning payloads/satellites from orbit, and a potential new commercial niche for China in the burgeoning commercial space economy. This new system is highly improved in microgravity, flying duration, power supplying, and payload interface. It will compete in the market with commercial return services currently offered from the International Space Station, and eventually with future commercial space stations and research laboratories. Potential commercial customers may include the agriculture industry, space materials, space pharmacy, new tech demonstration, and microgravity science/life science research, returning commercial payloads by parachute, within a new system developed from the previously-flown Shijian-10 mission architecture. The panel will share some details of the new recoverable satellite system, and coordinate an open discussion on promoting piggyback payload opportunities and markets for agencies, research institutes, industry and governments.

Organized by:

Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA)
Global Aerospace and Telecom Consulting Limited (GATC)


Dengyun YU

Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Committee, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation




Vice President for Space Systems, Teledyne Brown Engineering

United States of America

Ming LI

Vice President, China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)



Jeffrey MANBER

CEO, Nanoracks

United States of America


Linqi ZHU

CEO, Global Aerospace and Telecom Consulting Ltd.

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