B5.3 ThermCERT – A Signature Commercial Space Application to Tackle Fuel-Poverty in the United Kingdom

Session: 3 – Satellite Commercial Applications
Room: 140B
Time: 13:30

In the UK, approximately 2.5 million households experienced fuel poverty during 2015. Suppliers of energy have been tasked with addressing this problem, finding households in need, and then employing measures to help these families save as much money as possible. Not only does this result in an improved economic situation and quality-of-life for the affected households, the energy companies can also maintain a competitive position in the marketplace.
A significant challenge, however, is to find the households that have the greatest needs. In partnership with the ESA and E.On, a leading energy provider in the UK, AstrosatUK has deployed the ThermCERT commercial satellite application product, which identifies and visualizes areas of the UK with the greatest levels of need. In this invited keynote talk, we present ThermCERT as one example of just how powerful the combination of existing space-based and terrestrial geospatial data can be, in order to solve critical human challenges through a commercial product.

Steve LEE

CEO, Stevenson Astrosat

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