IAF Graphic Boards

The IAF partners up with a team of professional graphic recorders who live draw IAF events and, by combining the skills of a note-taker and an artist, visually represent information communicated orally.
This powerful technique is increasingly becoming popular as it captures discussions and ideas into drawings.
Graphic Recording delivers an extra, essential visual element with the benefits of bringing events to life, and creating a visual record.
These boards synthesis the essential elements of IAF events into a combination of words and images.


For more info contact IAF Senior Communications Manager:

Silvia Antolino




Tuesday 26 September 2017Tuesday 26 September 2017  Tuesday 26 September 2017Highlight Lecture 1 Flight by Light with Bill Nye LightSail & Innovations in Solar Sailing 27 September 2017IAF IDEA 3G Diversity Breakfast First Woman on the MoonIAF IDEA 3G Diversity Breakfast First Woman on the MoonPlenary 6Plenary 6 Thursday 28 September 2017GLEX 2017 Thursday 8 June 2017GLEX 2017 Thursday 8 June 2017


International Astronautical Congress 2019 – IAC 2019

IAF International Meetings for Members of Parliaments: Jim Bridenstine

IAF International Meetings for Members of Parliaments: Session 1

IAF International Meetings for Members of Parliaments: Session 2

Plenary 1: Heads of Space Agencies: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Space Environment

Special Session: Get Ready to Protect Earth from AsteroidsPlenary 2: Host Plenary: Evolving Apollo: The Next 50 Years in Human Spaceflight

IAF Excellence in Industry Award

Plenary 3: The Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space: Advancing the Space Economy and Sustaining Space Industry Through Solutions to Space Security IssuePlenary 4: Inspiring by Leading: Building and Sustaining the Global Space Workforce for the Future

Highlight Lecture 1: MARSIS: The Successful Search for Liquid Water on Mars

IAF IDEA “3G” Diversity Breakfast



Plenary 5: Heads of Emerging Agencies

Plenary 6: Europa Clipper: Making a Mission to Understand Our Place in the Universe

Highlight Lecture 2: The Challenge of Exploring Our Sun – the 60-Year Odyssey to Parker Solar Probe

Highlight Lecture 3: Monitoring Coastal Waters from Space – Highlighting the Chesapeake Bay Region – Dramatic Advances Enable Better Understanding and Protection of these Vital Ecosystems, and their Immense Coastal Populations and Infrastructure

Plenary 7: 10th Anniversary Next Generation Plenary: “Harnessing Citizen Science for the Future of Earth Observation”

Keynote DISCOVERER – Making Commercial Satellite Operations in Very Low Earth Orbits a Reality

Keynote: A Girl in the Man-on-the-Moon Program: Camaraderie and Discrimination in the Apollo Era

IAF World Space Award Highlight Lecture

Late Breaking News : OSIRIS-REx Dancing with Asteroid Bennu

Late Breaking News : Introduction to the United Arab Emirates Astronauts Program

GNF: IAF – ASE Astronaut Event

GNF: The Science-Fiction Continuum

Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries – GLEC 2019

International Astronautical Congress – IAC 2018
Artwork by artist Silvia Alba @silviadraws
IAF Spring Meetings 2018
International Astronautical Congress – IAC 2017
Artwork by artist Silvia Alba @silviadraws
Global Space Exploration Conference – GLEX 2017
  Artwork by artist Silvia Alba @silviadraws