IAF Secretariat

The IAF Secretariat, based in Paris, France, is responsible for the coordination and management of all IAF activities, events and related tasks.

It supports the IAF member organisations, the IAF Technical and Administrative Committees, the Global Conferences (GLUC, GLEX, GLAC, GLIC, GLIS, GLEC), and the annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC).


The Secretariat – Who we are


Dr Christian Feichtinger, Executive Director




Giulia Maria Berardi, Deputy Executive Director


  • Deputy Executive Director function
  • Events oversight and integration
  • VIP programme and Heads of Agencies interface

Silvia Antolino, Senior Communications Manager


  • Communications and social media management
  • IAF website and IAF newsletter management
  • Management of AudioVisual Documentation
  • Press Office management
  • Corporate identity management
  • Outreach Programme

Isabella Marchisio, Senior Projects Manager


  • Global Networking Forum (GNF) management
  • Sponsorship and Exhibition
  • IAF Alliance Programme management
  • Interface to Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)
  • Interface to Industry Relations Committee (IRC)

Myriam Morabet, Senior Projects Manager


  • Legal support
  • Management of Technical Programmes
  • Interface to the International Programme Committee (IPC), Committee for Liaison with International Organisations and Developing Nations (CLIODN), Congress and Symposia Advisory Committee (CSAC), and IAF Regional Groups
  • Interface to International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and International Institute of Space Law (IISL)
  • Coordination of the IAC Hosts Summit

Abed Aldaas, Digital Innovations & Projects Manager


  • Registration management
  • Plenaries management
  • IAF App management
  • Events’ room allocation and planning

Cenan Al-Ekabi, Projects Manager


  • Interface to Space Ops
  • Technical Committees management and interface to Technical Activities Committee (TAC)
  • Interactive Presentations and digital library management
  • Interface to the UN COPUOS and coordination of the UN/IAF Workshop

Emma Boisdur, Projects Manager


  • Awards programme management
  • Coordination of ESL Grants Programme, YSL Recognition Programme, YP and ISEB Programmes
  • Interface to Workforce Development-Young Professionals Programme Committee (WD-YPP), Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC), the International Project/Programme Management Committee (IPMC), the Honours and Awards Committee (HAC) and the Space Universities Administrative Committee (SUAC)

Evelina Hedman, Creative Services & Projects Manager


• Publications, Creative design and Events branding management

• Social media, promotion and support to management of Technical Programmes

• Interface to IAF/IAA/IISL Advisory Committee on History Activities (ACHA), Space Societies Committee (SCS) and the Space Museums and Science Centres Committee

Martina Fabbiani, Executive Assistant


  • Executive support to Executive Director
  • Membership administration and development
  • Coordination of the International Meeting for Members of Parliaments (MoP)
  • Event Catering

Giulia Angeletti, Secretary/Accountant


  • Secretarial support
  • Office operations management
  • Invoicing, payments administration and financial accounting
  • Staff administration


Michel Arnaud, IPC Co-Chairs Advisor

  • Advisor to IPC Co-Chairs
  • Advisor to IAC Steering Group
  • IAC Room Allocation for Technical Sessions


Elena Feichtinger, Projects Manager and Special Advisor


  • Awards Programme Management
  • Interface to IAF Honours and Awards Committee (HAC) and the Space Universities Administrative Committee (SUAC)
  • Management of IDEA “3G” Diversity Platform and programmes

Martin Feichtinger, Intern


  • Support to Global Networking Forum (GNF)
  • Support to the International Meeting for Members of Parliaments (MoP)

Aaron Janofsky, IAC On-Site Volunteer

  • Support to Global Networking Forum (GNF)
  • Support to the IAF General Assembly
  • Support to the International Meeting for Members of Parliaments (MoP)



Nico Schoemig


  • Assisting with the organization of the IAF Spring Meetings
  • Assisting with the organization of GLEC2019
  • Assisting with the implementation of IAC2019 Technical Programme
  • Providing research and administrative support






IAF Secretariat

100 Avenue de Suffren 75015 Paris – France
Tel: +33 1 45 67 42 60
Fax: +33 1 42 73 21 20
Email: info@iafastro.org


Segur metro station:10 or Cambronne metro station: line 6

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