Honours & Awards

The IAF confers a number of awards every year to individuals and groups who have distinguished themselves in space cooperation and space activities at global level and who are engaged with or participate actively in the activities of the Federation.

The awards are presented at the annual International Astronautical Congress.

Nomination material should be sent to the IAF Secretariat preferably by email at award [at] iafastro.org. If necessary, the reference can be sent by postal mail to:

IAF Secretariat
3 rue Mario Nikis
75015 Paris

or by fax to +33 1 4273 2120

IAF World Space Award

Earth-NASA_da9d0cThe IAF World Space Award is presented for exceptional contribution in space science, space technology, space medicine, space law or space management of exceptional impact to the world’s progress in astronautics.

Allan D. Emil Memorial Award

Allan_D_EmilThe Allan D. Emil Memorial Award is one of the most prestigious IAF awards. It is presented annually for an outstanding contribution to space activities which involved international cooperation in astronautics.




This “IAF Excellence in 3G Diversity Award” is intended to recognize IAF member organisations (industry, government, academia) worldwide for outstanding contributions to the fostering of “3G” (Geography, Generation, Gender) Diversity within the space sector.

This Award is intended as an annual award presented at the IAC, but is given only when nominations of exceptional merit are received.

Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal

MALINA Frank_3d2747The Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal is presented annually to an educator who has demonstrated excellence in using his/her available resources to promote the study of astronautics and related space sciences.



IAF Student Competitions

Student Awards 2012_9e9d8dThe Student competitions is organised and presented every year since 1974 during the International Astronautical Congress to recognise the best student presentations.

Luigi G. Napolitano Award

NAPOLITANO Luigi_2bb64eThe Luigi G. Napolitano Award is presented annually to a young scientist who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the aerospace science and has presented it with a paper at the IAC.


IAF Young Space Leaders Recognition Programme

ico-awardThe IAF Young Space Leaders Recognition Programme is awarded to exceptional students and young professionals, who contribute to astronautics in their academic or early careers, reach out to other young people and their communities to share knowledge and experiences, have been engaged with the international space community and contribute to IAF activities.

IAF Hall of Fame

ICON Hall of Fame_05048cThe IAF Hall of Fame is intended to create a standing forum of personalities that have contributed substantially to the progress of space science, technology and space benefits to mankind, within the framework of the IAF activities.

IAF Distinguished Service Award

ICON Fellow-Carsten Reisinger - Fotolia.com_9631a9The IAF Distinguished Service Award is intended to reward active volunteers for their contributions to the progress of astronautics and the Federation.


Special Award: IAF 60th Anniversary Award

logoIAF-60e-CMJN_5d3fe2In 2011, the IAF celebrated its 60th Anniversary and to honour the occasion, gave out a special, one-time award. The award honoured an organisation or individual for a singular and successful project in the field of space applications and space science and exploration, which demonstrates a measurable benefit to humanity. The recipient was the GPS Programme, for its uniqueness and the exemplary role it played in building international collaboration for the benefit of humanity.



uuuEach year during the IAC, an IAF Interactive Presentations Award is held to recognize the Best Interactive Presentations of the Congress.

Interactive presentations are awarded in each of the following congress categories:

Science and Exploration, Applications and Operations, Technology, Infrastructure, and Space and Society


For further information about the IAF Honours and Awards programmes, please contact the IAF Secretariat at award [at] iafastro.org

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