IAF Student Competition


2016 Student Competition recipients.

2016 Student Competition recipients

At the IAC E2 Symposium, the Student Conference, undergraduate and graduate students (no more than 28 years of age) present papers on any project in space sciences, industry or technology.

While Student Conference sessions E2.1 and E2.2 address students presenting papers that represent the specific work of no more than two students, the Student Team Competition (E2.3) addresses undergraduate and graduate level student teams papers which represent the work of three or more students.

All students presenting papers in the sessions E2.1 and E2.2 will compete in the student competition; students presenting in session E2.3 compete for the Hans von Muldau Team Award.

The guidelines for the student competition will be distributed from the session chairs to the authors after abstract acceptance.

The awards for the winners of the international student competition are sponsored by

  • Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (3AF)
  • British Interplanetary Society (BIS)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt – Lilienthal-Oberth e.
    V. (DGLR)
  • Internationaler Förderkreis für Raumfahrt (IFR)

2017 International Student Winners

Undergraduate Category

2nd prize (Hermann Oberth Silver): Liam Flaherty, University of Adelaide, “Implementation and test of a low power Attitude Determination and Control System for a CubeSat”

1st prize (AAAF Gold): Thomas Maier, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuernberg, “Moisture sensor for gravitation dependent plant watering”

Graduate Category

2nd prize (AAAF Silver): Samantha Le May, RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), “Assessing the effectiveness of debris mitigation guidelines to preserve the space environment given future proposals for large satellite constellations”

1st prize (Hermann Oberth Gold): Baptiste Chide, ISAE-Supaero University of Toulouse, “Optimizing the scientific return of MARBLL, the MARs Boundary Layer Lidar experiment developed to prepare the future of Mars ‘exploration”

British Interplanetary Society Prize for best technical paper

Jeremie Joannes, University of Bristol, “Feasibility study of a DNA-sequencing CubeSat satellite”

Hans von Muldau Team Award for the Best Team Project

Gilberto Grassi (Representative), University of Padova, “An innovative space tether deployer with retrieval capability: design and microgravity test of STAR Experiment”

French, German, US, British and Canadian students submitting abstracts for the sessions E2.1 and E2.2 should apply via the national coordinators:

  • for France: Benedicte Escudier, benedicte.escudier@isae.fr
  • for Germany: Marco Schmidt, marco.schmidt@hs-bochum.de
  • for USAFelicia Livingston, felicial@aiaa.org
  • for Great Britain: Chris Welch, chris.welch@isunet.edu
  • for CanadaMarco Schmidt, marco.schmidt@hs-bochum.de