Human Spaceflight Committee (2015-2018)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The Committee deals with the overarching aspects of human spaceflight, including governmental and commercial human spaceflight initiatives, design, research, development, utilisation, operations and management, as well as associated robotic and support technologies and activities. The Committee addresses past (Skylab, Mir, Shuttle…), present (ISS, Tjangong, Soyuz, MPCV, and commercial suborbital projects…), and future endeavours; and encompass both government and private sector initiatives.

The Human Spaceflight Committee cooperates with other IAF committees, the IAA, IISL, and the Association of Space Explorers (ASE). Special emphasis will be applied to the international character of human spaceflightand the fostering and enhancement of international cooperation.

Symposiums/Sessions at the IAC

The Committee organizes the Symposium on Human Spaceflight (HSF), encompassing 8 half-day sessions ranging from governmental to commercial orbital and suborbital HSF activities, HSF technologies, astronauts training, and HSF-robotic joint activities. The symposium features 4 joint sessions with other technical symposia, offering the audience the best insight into adjacent and related topics as well, and for several years has involved young graduates worldwide to join a virtual session in the frame of the Workforce Development/Young Professionals Programme Committee (WD/YPP). The HSF Symposium also co-organises since 2009 the only joint session of the IAF with the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) on the framework of international collaborative space activities.

Committee Members


Foley, Kevin D.


Sorokin, Igor V.


Batenburg, Peter


Amekrane, Rachid
Bank, Cristian
Barde, Sebastien
Bartoe, John-David F.
Choi, Gi-Hyuk
Chuanfeng, Wei
DeLuna, Alan T.
Ewald, Reinhold
Girard, Guillaume
Hawes, Michael W.
Hempsell, Mark
Hufenbach, Bernhard
Jaime, Andrea
Lopez-Alegria, Michael
Miller, Kevin
Mirra, Carlo
Morgan, Eleanor
Murakami, Keiji
Ogo, Hiroyuki
Ouellet, Alain
Piras, Annamaria
Sabath, Dieter
Scimemi, Sam
Schlutz, Juergen
Shaevich, Sergey K.
Sloan, John
Sweet, Randy
Willnecker, Rainer
Zimmerman, James V.


Fortezza, Raimondo
Gibbs, Graham
Gross, Anthony
Jean, Pierre
Lavitola, Maria Stella
Messerschmid, Ernst
Messina, Piero
Nakamura, Tai
Pall Thorvardarson, Hjalti
Rice, Gene
Stelmakh-Drescher, Olga
Suchet, Lionel
Thornton, Craig
Uri, John
Weissenberg, Thomas
Zell, Martin