Industry Relations Committee (2018-2021)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

To highlight the strengths of the Space Industry serving governments and citizens.
To explain the needs of Industry for the short, medium and long-term activities in order to remain the most competitive and innovative, and also to contribute to the economic growth.
To establish more links between industrial managers, National space Agencies and young professionals.

Committee rules for membership applications and renewal

To be representative of the spatial world in the panels at IAC, in the meetings and also inside the committee.
To propose articles in the IAF newsletters on the activities of manufacturers and partners of the country holding the IAC.

Symposiums/Sessions and events at the IAC

The Industry Relations Committee is organising a plenary event as well as two round tables and a programmatic and technical speech on the second day of the IAC. This very dense programme will gather heads of national space agencies together with heads of major space-related Industries. In 2012 the plenary event topic was “Small and medium satellites: a high potential for satellite operators”. The other panel discussions focused on “Satellite navigation systems: economic impacts” and “Earth observation challenges”. As the IAC was held in Italy it was decided to also organise a keynote panel on “Vega launch system and launch services”.

IAC 2012 Industry Plenary


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Other Committee activities

Among the different events held on that day, a luncheon located on the Congress spot will be co-hosted by the Industry Relations Committee and the local Organising Committee.

Committee Members


Robie Samanta Roy


Clay Mowry
Mark E. Mulqueen


Kyle Acierno
Victoria Alonso-Perez
Alan Bories
Richard Dal Bello
Kevin Foley
Yann Gouy
Aaron Lewis
Yin Liming
Agnieszka Lukaszczyk
Fritz Merkle
Carlo Mirra
Hidemasa Nakanishi
Ko Ogasawara
John M. Olson
Maria Antonietta Perino
Mary Snitch
Marina Sologub
Oleg Ventskovsky


José Raimundo Braga Coelho
Pieter van Beekhuizen
Martin Sweeting


Bruce Chesley
Isabella Marchisio