Space Economy Committee (2018-2021)

Objectives/Scope of the Committee

The Space Economy Committee will, in cooperation with other interested Committees, foster interest in the importance of building a more robust statistical knowledge-base of the space economy.

The Committee will:

  • Provide a forum to discuss and exchange views on definitions, measurement issues, impacts, and potential social benefits of the space economy.
  • Propose and (if approved) promote in coordination with the IAF secretariat workshops and seminars relating to measurement issues of the space economy.
  • Identify and invite representatives of organizations outside the space community to present and share lessons learned from other sectors, regarding value chains and societal impact assessments.
  • Assess and regularly report on the current international statistical knowledge-base of the space economy.
  • Promote guidelines to encourage the development of internationally comparable economic data series over time.

Committee Members


Henry Hertzfeld


Ken Davidian


Cédric Balty
Nick Cox
Simona di Ciaccio
Jurgen Drescher
Kristen Erickson
Roswitha Grümann
Yann Gouy
Marc Haese
Thierry Le Goff
Pierre Lionnet
Agnieszka Lukaszczyk
Charles Lauer
Clayton Mowry
Misuzu Onuki
Dmitry Payson
Walter Peeters
Frank Preud’homme
Wolfgang Rathgeber
Gennaro Russo
Karina Miranda Sanchez
Maria-Gabriella Sarah
Luigi Scatteia
Giacomo Primo Sciortino
Olga Stelmakh-Drescher
Kazuto Suzuki
Andrea Vena
Micah Walter-Range


Marit Undseth


Simonetta Cheli
Christina Giannopapa
Hugues Gilbert
Chin-Young Hwang
Claire Jolly
Paul Kamoun
Gilles Ragain
Davy Vrancken
Vasilis Zervos