The world’s premier global space event

What is the IAC?

The IAC is the one time of the year when @ll space actors come together. Global, multidisciplinary and covering all space sectors and topics, it offers everyone the latest space information, developments but above all contacts and potential partnerships.

Each year, the IAC changes country, theme and local organiser, enabling all to learn more about, and be a part of the world space scene.

IAC2013-4The structure behind it

Technical programme – presenting scientific and technological breakthroughs, these provide the latest advances in space science, research, technology, exploration, regulation and education

Plenary programme – the latest trends in space research, technology and exploration presented by the people who drive them, these include expert discussion panels, highlight lectures on dedicates topics and breaking news on the latest space developments

Associated events – organised to compliment the content of the IAC, covering niche topics or the needs of dedicated stakeholders within the space community

Exhibition – the one place where the space sector showcases the latest it offers and develops

Social programme – introducing the local space and cultural environment

iac2012-2A platform for @ll

Scientists, researchers and engineers: as an IAC author, present your latest during the technical sessions and see what others have to say about it

Agencies: highlight your latest developments, and get feedback from and interact with the full range of space stakeholders

Industry: showcase your latest and strike new partnerships
Students and young professionals: a dedicated programme provides you with maximum networking opportunities

Policy-makers: see how space services can be the answer to a range of national and international needs and challenges

Astronauts: share your experience and vision for space exploration with one of the most heterogeneous audiences world-wide

Press members: hear the latest on space developments and exploration, from the mouth of the leading space actors

General Public: learn more about the world, science and actors of space

Local organizer: as IAC Host, attract the global space community and highlight your local space activities