Space Sustainability Rating – New Way of Addressing the Orbital Debris Challenge

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 12:10 – 12:30

Location: Bremen Conference Center – CCB Hansesaal


The significant rise in space debris poses an increasing threat to economically vital orbital regions, threatening to substantially impact not only the space sector, but the whole international community. The Space Sustainability Rating framework will support long-term sustainability of the space environment by increasing transparency of actors’ debris mitigation efforts.

Organized By:
World Economic Forum



Nikolai Khlystov

Lead, Aerospace Industry,

World Economic Forum,

United States



Full Bio

Nikolai Khlystov is the Aerospace Industry Lead at the World Economic Forum, the international organization for public-private collaboration with the mission of improving the state of the world. He also manages the Global Future Council on Space Technologies, which brings together global multi-stakeholder experts in the space sector. Besides being responsible for the Aerospace sector at the Forum, Nikolai is working on the development of the Space Sustainability Rating, a non-binding industry mechanism that would help promote responsible and sustainable development of the sector. Nikolai is also a member of the Socio-Economic Panel that supports the Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group. Nikolai is a graduate of the Global Leadership Fellows Master programme of the Forum; he also holds a Master degree in international business management from University of Geneva and a Bachelor degree in commerce from Carleton University in Ottawa.