Plenary 5

Living For a Year on ISS: Early Results and Lessons Learned. #YearInSpace

Wednesday 28 September 2016, 
Location: Guadalajara Hall 9&10


Two ISS crewmembers just completed a successful, continuous one-year stay in orbit. It has been nearly two decades since anyone has been in space for that long, and this latest one-year stay has built upon the foundation of those earlier missions to leverage advances in space technology and health care. International cooperation has been the key to the success of this adventure, involving the ISS international partners, collaborative research investigations between Russia and the USA, and crewmembers from Russia and the USA.

A crewmember, researcher, and manager will participate to discuss the history, planning, experience and early results of this unique adventure, as well as how it relates to upcoming deep space exploration missions. The moderator will orchestrate an informative dialogue among the panelists and with the audience.

Organized by the Association of Space Explorers and the IAF Human Spaceflight Committee



John B CharleJohn B. Charles

Chief Scientist,

NASA Human Research Program.







KORNIENKOMikhail B. Kornienko






image1Michael B. Stenger

RAS Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

Co-Principal Investigators





William-GerstenmaierWilliam H. Gerstenmaier

Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations