IAF Alliance Programme

Recently launched in April 2015, the IAF Alliance Programme (AP) provides additional opportunities for the IAF member organisations to become more involved in the Federation’s activities.
The IAF Alliance Programme is open to ALL IAF members and it was created to :

  • Deepen the involvement of key IAF members in the Federation;
  • Enhance the prominence and visibility of their role within the Federation;
  • Complement the traditional sponsorship opportunities with strategic long-term partnerships;
  • Assure the sustainability of IAF operations in the interest of its members;
  • Further improve the quality of the Federation’s activities;
  • Strengthen the Federation by fortifying the one-to-one relationships with its key members.

Different Alliance Partnerships’ levels are possible: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze


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Amongst the possible benefits for Alliance Partners are:


  • Guaranteed enhanced visibility on IAF promotional tools all years around
    • Newsletters Alliance Partner’s logo on front page of ALL IAF newsletters, sent to 27 000 contacts worldwide
    • IAF Publications Prominent visibility of Alliance Partner ’s logo  in IAC and Global Series Conference Final Programmes, Pocket Programmes and Calls for Papers, etc.
    • IAF Alliance Programme Logo Permission to use the IAF Alliance  Programme logo on the Alliance Partner ’s website and communication material


  • Enhanced Presence at IAF Events
    • IACs and Global Series Conferences Alliance Partner presence and visibility (e.g. events, lunches, promotional materials, etc) at IACs and IAF Global Series Conferences (upcoming GLEC 2019)
    • IAF/Alliance Partner joint events Full support of IAF Secretariat,  logistically and operationally
    • Exhibition Space Guaranteed exhibition space for IAF events at a very preferential rate

For more information on the contributions and benefits, please refer to the documents on the top right of the page. 


Platinum Partners 




Gold Partner


Silver Partners


Bronze Partners