CIRA Italian Aerospace Research Centre

Member since: 2006


CIRA was created in 1984 to manage PRORA, the Italian Aerospace Research Program, and uphold Italy’s leadership in Aeronautics and Space. CIRA is a company with public and private sector shareholders. The participation of research bodies, local government and aeronautics and space industries sharing a common goal has led to the creation of unique test facilities, unmatched anywhere in the world, and of air and space flying labs.

CIRA is located in a 180-hectar area in the immediate vicinity of Capua, in the province of Caserta, north of Naples. Its has a staff of 320 people, most of which are engaged in research activity within domestic and international programmes.


Via Maiorise, 1
Phone: +39 08 23623111
Fax: +39 08 23622024