Committee for Liaison with International Organisations and Developing Nations (CLIODN) (2021-2024)

Committee Members

Objective/scope of the committee

The Committee for Liaison with International Organisations and Developing Nations (CLIODN) advises the President and the Bureau of International Astronautical Federation on opportunities to foster international cooperation in space programmes, to encourage public interest in astronautics and its application in developing countries and to promote interest in using space science and technology for national development activities in all countries. The Committee acts as liaison with international organisations, governmental and non-governmental, and provides advice to the Federation on relations with these international organisations. In particular, the Committee considers and recommends steps to stimulate interest in the Federation’s activities among institutions and individuals from the developing countries, taking into consideration the emergence of space activities in several developing nations.

The Committee Chair and committee members work closely with the IAF Secretariat and with the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs in supporting approved projects including the annual Highlights in Space report on outer space activities and the UNIAF Workshop on the Use of Space Science and Technology for the Benefits of Developing Countries held in conjunction with the International Astronautical Congress.

Committee rules for membership applications and renewal

There is no formal rule so far but the renewal of committee members is informally organised about every five years.

Symposiums/sessions and events at the IAC

  • CLIODN organises the annual UN/IAF Workshop which takes place the week before the IAC, from Friday to Sunday.
  • A meeting of IAF/CLIODN is organised during the week of the IAC, usually on the 4th day (Thursday).

Technical meetings or events outside of the IAC

In 2013, IAF/CLIODN organized a short symposium during the February COPUOS/STSC session in Vienna. It was devoted to an overview of studies and plans for Orbital Debris Active Removal.

In 2014, IAF/CLIODN prepared a joint IAF – UNESCO Global Conference on Space Applications, which was held in May 2014 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.