Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Administrative Committee (IDEA)

Committee Members  

Objective/Scope of the committee

The principle functions of the IDEA Committee are to:

  • Outline key diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and provide actionable steps to achieve them;
  • Evaluate the nominationsreceived for the IAF Excellence in 3G Diversity award, interview the candidates, and recommend the recipient(s) to the Bureau;
  • Oversee the Federation activities, bodies, committees, to evaluate their inclusiveness, diversity, and equity;
  • Recommend or address, as appropriate, new activities or programme to be implemented by the Federation to assure and increase inclusiveness, diversity, and equity within the community;
  • Inform the IAF Community about the statistics in terms of geographical, gender and generational diversity within its bodies and committees;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing efforts and make recommendations as needed.

Committee rules for membership applications and renewal

The Committee shall comprise members nominated by the Chair from recommendations received and subsequently approved by the Bureau.

Additional members may be co-opted from time-to-time by consensus of the Committee.
The Committee members shall include individuals with experience in and active knowledge of international space activities.
The Committee should be balanced in terms of geography, generation, gender, and any further element deemed as necessary to assure its inclusivity.
The IAF VP for Diversity Activities chairs the IDEA Committee.