IPC Steering Group (2021-2024)

Group Members  

Objective/scope of the committee

The International Programme Committee (IPC) implements the technical sessions at the annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

IPC co-chairs are nominated by the Bureau and appointed by the General Assembly. The members of the IPC are designated by the Technical Committee Chairs (IAF) by the Commissions (IAA), and by the Members of the Board (IISL).

The IPC Steering Group assists the IPC co-chairs in resolving issues and helping to execute the IAC technical programme development and make it more effective and helpful to our community. It is involved in the process of the definition of a solid and attractive set of Plenary Events and Highlight Lectures.

It coordinates symposia and technical sessions within and across categories, by managing the priorities, clarification and effectiveness of the IAC, and through closely working with symposium coordinators to support their needs.

It may also recommend modifications to the categorisation itself. Representation of each sponsoring organisation (IAF, IAA, and IISL) is another function of the Steering Group and it provides effective coordination to assure appropriate and timely support from their organisations.

The Steering Committee consists of one member from each of the sponsoring organisations, plus several additional IPC members. The members are selected by the IPC co-chairs upon recommendation either from three organisations or IPC members, and the member list is be approved by the IAF Bureau for formal appointment.