Technical Activities Committee (TAC) (2018-2021)

Committee Members  


  • Somanath, S.


  • Bonhomme, Christophe
  • Court, Andy
  • Davidian, Ken
  • Foley, Kevin
  • Foing, Bernard
  • Gasbarri, Paolo
  • Graf, James E.
  • Guerman, Anna
  • Hertzfield, Henry
  • Jaeger, Markus
  • Karl, Alex
  • Knowles, Carolyn
  • Liepack, Otfrid
  • Mankins, John C.
  • Mugellesi-Dow, Roberta
  • Plattard, Serge
  • Pont, Gabriel
  • Prince, Jill
  • Rettberg, Petra
  • Sallaberger, Christian
  • Sarah, Maria-Gabriella
  • Schmidt, Marco
  • Sloan, John
  • Ubertini, Pietro
  • Wittig, Manfred
  • Zhdanovich, Olga

Objective/scope of the committee

The Committee is a forum to develop the general guidelines for the IAF Technical Committees and monitor, evaluate and assess their performance with regard to the General Terms of Reference for Technical Committees.

The Committee is a forum for IAF, IAA and IISL to collaborate, to optimise the contents of the International Astronautical Congress and reduce overlap/interference among Symposia and Sessions.

Committee rules for membership applications and renewal

The Committee is chaired by the Vice-President of IAF in charge of Technical Activities. Technical Committee Chairs automatically becomes members of the Committee.

IAA Commission Chairs and a representative of IISL are also invited to meetings.

Other committee activities

Committee meets twice in a year, during the IAC and the IAF Spring Meetings in March in Paris.