Committee on Integrated Applications

Committee Members  




HOLM Jeanne


BARRESI Beatrice


• Penne Boris

• Raposo Ana

Objective/scope of the committee

The Committee on Integrated Applications will cooperate with the relevant IAF Committees (including Earth Observations Committee, [Space and Natural Disaster Reduction Committee], Space Communications and Navigation Committee (SCAN), Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC) and Space Systems Committee).

The Committee will:

  • Provide forum to discuss and exchange information in integrated applications activities among interested organisations inside and outside the space community,
  • Maintain informal liaison with relevant international organisations like WHO, UNESCO, FAO, IAEA etc and regional organisations like the EU, AU, etc.,
  • Propose and (if approved) promote in coordination with the IAF secretariat IAF-sponsored or co-sponsored workshops and seminars relating to Integrated Applications.
  • Identify and invite to a dialogue new potential user organisations which are not familiar with the value added potential of space;
  • Propose periodically Symposia/Sessions and Plenary Events on topics relevant to Integrated Applications
  • Working with the IAF Space and Society and Industry committees explore and identify appropriate opportunities to promote large scale dialogue and outreach on the potential of integrated applications.


The Committee will include interested technical and policy experts currently serving in the relevant Committees as well representatives from IAF member organisations (government, industry, academic, space society, Satcom operators and user organisations) who are interested to contribute to the work of this Committee.