Earth Observations Committee (2018-2021)

Committee Members  


  • Court, Andrew


  • Cikanek, Harry


  • Onoda, Masami


  • Azelton, Krystal
  • Bank, Christian
  • Becker, Kate
  • Boening, Carmen
  • Bussolino, Luigi
  • Ferreira, Luis
  • Gavira Izquierdo, José
  • Girard, Ralph
  • Gleyzes, Alain
  • Graf, James E.
  • Hussey, John
  • Kamoun, Paul
  • Le Goff, Roland
  • Lukaszczyk, Agnieszka
  • Mostert, Sias
  • Murthi, K. R. Sridhara
  • Nassisi, Annamaria
  • Preud’homme, Frank
  • Rao, Mukund Kadursrinivas
  • Rathgeber, Wolfgang
  • Schmullius, Christiane
  • Schreier, Gunter
  • Seward, Elizabeth
  • Smith, Brent David
  • Stuffler, Timo
  • van der Togt, Oana
  • Vaze, Parag
  • Vernile, Alessandra
  • Wooldridge, Charles
  • Xiaoli, Chen
  • Yao, Na
  • Zenou, Emmanuel


  • Chong, Yean Joo


  • Louw, Ana-Mia

Objective/scope of the committee

The Earth Observation Committee covers all aspects of Earth observations from space, especially observations related to the Earth’s environment and including mission planning, microwave and optical sensors and technologies, systems for land, oceanographic, and atmospheric applications, ground data-processing.

Committee rules for membership applications and renewal

Committee member renewal is discussed on a yearly basis. New candidatures are voted/selected during the Earth Observation Committee meetings.

Symposiums/sessions at the iac

Earth Observation Symposium (B1) including 6 classical sessions and 1 poster session:

  • B1.1 International Cooperation in Earth Observation Missions
  • B1.2 Future Earth Observation Systems
  • B1.3 Earth Observation Sensors and Technology
  • B1.4 Earth Observation Data Management Systems
  • B1.5 Earth Observation Applications and Economic Benefits
  • B1.6 Earth Observation topic of the Year (the theme is different each year and selected by the Committee)

Technical meetings or events outside of the iac

Yearly Earth Observation Technical Committee Meeting