Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC)

Committee Members  


SARAH Maria Gabriella


• Geiger Christopher

• Tung Helen



BANK Cristian

• Bernelin Marie-Christine

• Canga Michael

• Carlo Antonio

Court Andy

• de Angelis Massimo

• Greenstone Adam

• Gregori Roberta

• Legai Pascal

• Malinowska Katarzyna

• Masson Jacques

• Nori Elisabetta

• Sato Kazunao



• Suess Ruediger

• Turner John




• Casamassima Francesca

• Szwajewski Michał

Objective/scope of the committee

In space and defense activities, enterprise risk management (ERM) is designed to identify and mitigate potential threats and exploit opportunities to support decision makers. The ERM Technical Committee offers a forum for risk management practitioners from various organizational backgrounds including, but not limited to governmental, for-profit 
corporations, non-profit and research organizations in the aerospace sector.

The Committee will:

  • Facilitate discussions on ERM best practices and lessons learned;

  • Promote research in ERM across a wide variety of aerospace organizations;
  • Provide a forum for ERM practitioner networking.

Guidelines for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Technical Committee call for papers for the 2021 IAC:

Within the span of 20 years three highly pathogenic and deadly human viruses, presented themselves to the world. It took only 100 days for the COVID 19 to spread globally in 2020 making this the time for aerospace companies and organizations to capture lessons learned and to codify them in organizational plans, processes, and procedures going forward. Enterprise risk management practitioners should play a key role in capturing these lessons. For the 2021 IAC, the ERM Committee call for papers will be focused on the interaction between the pandemic and ERM. Suggested research methodologies include, but are not limited to surveys, field research, case studies and modeling of the effect of the pandemic risks on ERM processes. Authors should consider research questions, or derivatives thereof, such as those shown below:

  1. How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you think about your past ERM approach to identifying, managing, and communicating risks? Similarly How has the pandemic changed the way you approach the assessment of opportunities?
  2. How has the Covid-19 pandemic made your organization more resilient to risk? How would you improve your ERM processes, including integration with other processes, to make your organization/company better prepared for a future systemic risk event?
  3. As a Risk Management practitioner, how were you involved in pre-COVID-19 crisis management and business continuity planning? Did this change during the pandemic?
  4. How can scenario planning and foresight management supplement enterprise risk management in identifying global risks associated with events such as the Covid-19 pandemic?

Symposiums/sessions at the iac

Session E6.4 Strategic Risk Management for successful space & defence programmes