Space Economy Committee (2018-2021)

Committee Members  


  • Hertzfeld, Henry


  • Davidian, Ken


  • Balty, Cédric
  • Cox, Nick
  • di Ciaccio, Simonetta
  • Drescher, Jurgen
  • Erickson, Kristen
  • Gouy, Yann
  • Grümann, Roswitha
  • Haese, Marc
  • Lauer, Charles
  • Le Goff, Thierry
  • Lionnet, Pierre
  • Lukaszczyk, Agnieszka
  • Miranda Sanchez, Karina
  • Mowry, Clayton
  • Onuki, Misuzu
  • Peeters, Walter
  • Preud’homme, Frank
  • Rathgeber, Wolfgang
  • Russo, Gennaro
  • Sarah, Maria-Gabriella
  • Scatteia, Luigi
  • Sciortino, Giacomo Primo
  • Stelmakh-Drescher, Olga
  • Vena, Andrea


  • Payson, Dmitry
  • Suzuki, Kazuto
  • Undseth, Marit
  • Walter-Range, Micah


  • Cheli, Simonetta
  • Giannopapa, Christina
  • Gilbert, Hugues
  • Hwang, Chin-Young
  • Jolly, Claire
  • Kamoun, Paul
  • Ragain, Gilles
  • Vrancken, Davy
  • Zervos, Vasilis

Objectives/scope of the committee

The Space Economy Committee will, in cooperation with other interested Committees, foster interest in the importance of building a more robust statistical knowledge-base of the space economy.

The Committee will:

  • Provide a forum to discuss and exchange views on definitions, measurement issues, impacts, and potential social benefits of the space economy.
  • Propose and (if approved) promote in coordination with the IAF secretariat workshops and seminars relating to measurement issues of the space economy.
  • Identify and invite representatives of organizations outside the space community to present and share lessons learned from other sectors, regarding value chains and societal impact assessments.
  • Assess and regularly report on the current international statistical knowledge-base of the space economy.
  • Promote guidelines to encourage the development of internationally comparable economic data series over time.