Space Habitats Committee (GA approval pending)

Objective/scope of committee

The Space Habitats Committee aims, in cooperation with other IAF committees and symposia, to foster interest in the importance of building an international and interdisciplinary understanding of the issues and stakes raised by future space habitats (including settlements on celestial bodies and orbital infrastructures). It gathers an interdisciplinary team of experts to challenge common perspectives of living conditions in outer space and help to conceive adequate and innovative initiatives, which consider the various dimensions of space habitats. Considering those areas, the Committee will:

  • Provide a forum to discuss and exchange analyses and constructive views on social, cultural, technical and legal aspects of future space habitats emphasizing Moon and Mars surface structures and orbital stations.
  • Propose and (if approved) promote in coordination with the IAF secretariat workshops and lectures relating to the above-mentioned dimensions of Moon and Mars programs, including in creating technical sessions as part of IAF conferences.
  • Foster the relations between the IAF, academia and art-based institutions around the globe.
  • Encourage the development of scholarly awareness regarding the stakes of future space habitats.
  • Assess and report on the current international and interdisciplinary knowledge base about space habitats and the future of human space programs.
  • Promote guidelines to encourage the development of an in-depth, practical and empirical understanding of space habitats requirements as part of a dialogue among the committee’s experts, aeronautics engineers and space policymakers.
  • Allow the circulation, diffusion and discussion of existing and future projects developed by space architects, space designers, and social scientists from all over the world.