Subcommittee on the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)

Committee Members  


• Vaze Parag


GRAF James

• Kern Michael


• Azelton Krystal

• Becker Kate

• Birk Ronald

• Blackwood Carmen

• Boles Vincent C.

• Borowitz Mariel


Court Andy

• DeGarmo Albert

FOING Bernard

• Gevorgyan Yana



• Hurst Kimberly

• Kuriyama Ikuko

• Morten Olsen Ole

• Nassisi Annamaria

ONODA Masami

RYAN Barbara J.

• Saloojee Imraan




• Tomlinson Taryn

• Van Der Togt Oana

• Webb Frank


WOOD Danielle

Objective/scope of the committee

In July 2003 ministers and senior officials from 33 countries, the European Union and 21 participating organisations met in Washington, DC for the First Earth Observation Summit. In subsequent Summit meetings an intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) was established which now comprises some 70 members and 46 participating organisations, all of whom are engaged in leading a worldwide effort to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) over the next 10 years. The IAF – with agency, industry, university/institute and professional society members in countries throughout the world – can help pursue this effort through information exchange, specialised workshops and related activities that foster collaboration among interested organizations and promote greater public awareness of the potential benefits of GEOSS.

The Subcommittee on GEOSS is under the IAF’s Earth Observations Committee, and contributes to fostering IAF activities relating to the implementation of a Global Earth Observation of Systems (GEOSS). In full coordination with the EO Committee, the Subcommittee will undertake to:

  • Foster information exchange and interaction among IAF member organisations on GEOSS activities and plans. This includes developments at the national and regional level (GMES, USGEO, etc.) that may be of potential interest to member organisations in other countries and regions.
  • Maintain informal liaison with the GEO Secretariat and other organisations seeking to promote GEOSS activities and greater public interest in GEO and GEOSS. This will ensure that the IAF is informed of potential GEO Secretariat developments of interest to IAF member organisations and similarly ensure that GEO members are aware of IAF activities in support of GEOSS.
  • Propose and help organize IAF-sponsored or co-sponsored workshops and seminars relating to GEOSS and its nine societal benefit areas and five transverse areas.
  • Propose and help organise appropriate IAC Plenary Events and/or Highlight Lectures relating to GEOSS.
  • Propose technical sessions relating to one or more GEOSS societal benefit and transverse areas.
  • Contribute to the on-going activities of the Earth Observations Committee. This includes inputs on GEOSS developments for use in preparation of the Committee’s portion of the IAF annual report to the United Nations on space technology and applications.

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