Agnieszka Łukaszczyk has been a professional in the space sector for the past seven years, with a specific focus on space policy and security. In 2006, she became the Executive Director of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). At that time, the organisation was not what it is today. It had, very few activities, the funding was almost non-existent and its reputation in the sector was not ideal. However, Agnieszka was determined to transform SGAC into the credible and reputable organisation that exists today.

Currently, Łukaszczyk works for the Secure World Foundation (SWF). Right after she has joined the foundation, she was elected the Chair (President) of SGAC, giving her the opportunity to continue to support and oversee the organisation in a volunteer position.

Łukaszczyk is the director of the SWF’s office in Brussels, which she established about two years ago. SWF now has two full-time employees in Brussels and it is considered a premier space policy organisation, offering expertise in space policy and security matters. It regularly organises ‘Brussels Space Policy Round Tables’ on important space topics, as well as various conferences and workshops. Furthermore, Łukaszczyk often briefs various missions to the EU on space matters and she presents at many conferences around the world.

Łukaszczyk strongly believes that international cooperation is crucial for the space sector to continue to grow. Currently, she is involved in the process of internationalisation of the EU-proposed International Code of Conduct, which involves meetings, briefings and negotiations with governments from around the world. In addition, in her work, Łukaszczyk has been closely cooperating with UN entities dealing with space such as UNIDIR UNOOSA and the UNSPIDER.

Łukaszczyk has been a long-term supporter of the IAF. She has attended and presented at IACs in Valencia, Hyderabad, Glasgow, Daejeon, Prague and Cape Town. She has also worked very closely with the IAF Secretariat on various matters, including the organisation of Space Generation Congresses, which are always held immediately prior to the opening of the IACs. Łukaszczyk is also member of IAF’s Space Security Committee and Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space. Furthermore, she serves Secretary of the Subcommittee of Dual Use of the Space Security Committee.