Alexandra Arshanskaya

Alexandra Arshanskaya is a visual artist, performer, and educator with a background in science and finance. She works in different visual techniques including painting, performance, digital art, etc. Alexandra’s art practice is devoted to spatial perception and includes a broad exploration of representation and abstraction of space. Since 2016 Alexandra expanded her artistic research to Space Exploration through Art. She had a solo exhibition ‘Spatial Perception’ at ESTEC ESA in 2016 and later performed there a few times during the ESLAB and Moon Village symposiums. In March 2019 Alexandra attended a ITACCUS Spring meeting in Paris, became its expert and participated in later meetings remotely. In September 2019 Alexandra presented a poster and gave a talk about her artistic research at ODA at EPSC in Geneva. Alexandra is an active member of the Moon Gallery Foundation and her artwork “Vanishing Point”, based on it prototypes, and miniatures were presented many times at the Moon Gallery exhibitions across Europe: Space Expo Museum (Noordwijk), Milan Design Week, Festival in Oviedo (Portugal), Amstel Park (Amsterdam), Art The Hague fair, etc. A miniature of the “Vanishing Point 1.0” will be sent to ISS within Moon Gallery installation in February 2022.

Alexandra has a BA degree from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, The Netherlands) and a MSc degree from the St-Petersburg State University (Russia). Since 2006 she has exhibited, performed, and collaborated on different visual and interdisciplinary projects in St. Louis (USA), London (UK), Berlin (Germany), St-Petersburg (Russia) and across The Netherlands. Besides her art practice Alexandra teaches at the Media & Art Department at Webster University in Leiden (The Netherlands) & St. Louis (USA), gives workshops in different visual techniques and creates visualizations during events.