Andrea Brunello

Arditodesìo Company, University of Trento • Director, Science Communication Teacher

Playwright, director, actor and podcaster, Andrea Brunello works at the boundary between theatre and science. He is a graduate of the three year program “SAT - SCHOOL AFTER THEATRE advanced training program” led by the Russian director Jurij Alschitz and affiliated with the EATC/Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) of Moscow (Russia). Andrea holds a Bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from Cornell University, a Ph.D. in Physics from Stony Brook University (New York) and a Master in Communication of Science and Innovation from the University of Trento (Italy). Andrea teaches science storytelling theory and practice at the Master in Communication of Science and Innovation and at the Physics Department of the University of Trento (Italy) and at the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Bologna. He is the founder and director of the Portland Theatre of Trento and of the Arditodesìo Company and he is the artistic director of Teatro della Meraviglia, a science theatre festival held annually in Trento. Andrea is member of the scientific committee of “Theatre about Science - International Conference” (Coimbra, Portugal) and of the board of directors of EUSEA - the European Science Engagement Association.


International Astronautical Congress 2024

14-18 October 2024

Milan, Italy