Andrew Herd

European Space Agency (ESA)Senior Engineer Knowledge Management

Andrew Herd was born in Lincoln, United Kingdom in 1965. He studied Mechanical Engineering at The City University, London, graduating in 1988 with Honors. In 1996, he studied at Loughborough University, graduating with an Executive Masters in Business Administration in 1999.

In 1988, he started a career in engineering, firstly with Hawker Siddeley Engineering, making 100 diesel electric locomotives with novel computer-based power distribution control, and a decade later in 1998 with NASA developing and operating science hardware for Increment 3 on the newly established International Space Station (ISS). In 2003 he brought his ISS experience to the European Space Agency (ESA), establishing the discipline of payload operations safety at ESA, and then directly supporting the newly established ESA Payload Safety Review Panel.

In 2013, Andrew moved to the Standardization and Engineering Knowledge Management Office, working as part of the Executive Secretariat of the European Cooperation for Space Standardization. In 2015 he was nominated as a directorate Knowledge Management Point of Contact and then, in 2017, was subsequently requested to support the corporate-level efforts in knowledge management at ESA .


International Astronautical Congress 2018

1–5 October 2018

Bremen, Germany