Andy Court

TNOPrincipal Business Developer, Space & Scientific Instrumentation; EU Manager, High Tech Industry Unit

Dr. Andy Court received a Ph.D in High Energy Astrophysics Instrumentation from Southampton University, UK in 1987. Andy has worked for 25 years at TNO in The Netherlands and is now a Principal Business Developer for Space & Scientific Instrumentation and the EU Manager for the High Tech Industry Unit. Andy’s career has covered many space projects starting from x-ray/gamma ray detection systems and now primarily Earth Observation instruments , STM topics, and secure laser satellite communication systems, including quantum technologies.

In the IAF, for more than two-decades, he has been a delegate, author, and leader in connection with Earth Observation, Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS), Space Astronomy, and Enterprise Risk Management and Business Innovation. In 2023, Andy received the IAF Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his contributions to the IAF. He is also a corresponding member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA). Andy connects organisations – both national and international – to the right experts that can help bring projects to life, overcome obstacles or gain new insights. Recently, Andy helped to set up the European Association of Space Technology Research Organisations (EASTRO) and, he is the President of the Executive Board. The association aims to give a voice to RTOs working in space, towards both the European Commission and to the European Space Agency (ESA).