Anil Kumar

IAF Bureau • VP: Relations with International Organizations
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)Associate Director, ISTRAC and Chief General Manager, Safe & Sustainable Space Operations Management

Dr. AK.Anil Kumar is presently the Associate Director of the ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) and Chief General Manager for Safe and Sustainable Space Operations Management. He has been leading the team of Space Debris Mitigation and Management for more than 15 years and is responsible for all activities related to Space Debris and Space Situational Awareness and Management within the purview of ISRO. He is also the Project Director of NETRA, aimed at developing network of observational facilities to track and catalogue space objects and also to develop a centralized control centre for SSA activities. His team has established the facility ISRO System for Safe & Sustainable Space Operations Management (IS4OM), which is the nodal point for all SSA & STM related activities in ISRO.

He has his doctorate in Space Debris Modelling from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has authored many technical journal publications related to space debris modelling, reentry predictions and conjunction assessments. He developed in-house software for Orbital Debris Modeling, Risk object Reentry and Collision Probability assessment.

He has contributed significantly to the IADC Space Debris Mitigation Guideline formulation as the Chair of Working Group of IADC during 2017-2018. Presently he is the ISRO representative in Inter Agency Space Debris Co-ordination Committee (IADC) Steering Group, IAA Space Debris Working Group, IAF STM committee and ISO Space Debris Working Group. He has organized many National and International conferences as organizing member and secretary. He has been participating in IAC and COSPAR conference. He is an active researcher in the Space science with more than 50 technical papers in peer reviewed journals including Advances in Space Research. He is a reviewer for many journals including Acta Astronautica and Advances in Space Research. Presently he, as the focal point from ISRO, collaborates with many space agencies for safe and sustainable space operations management.

With his vast experience of conducting several workshops, seminars and conferences related to space environment which include IADC annual meets in India he can contribute substantially to the outreach programmes and conferences for the benefit of the younger generation.