Dr. Karabeyoğlu is currently a faculty member at KOÇ University in İstanbul, Türkiye.

He also serves as the CEO of Delta V Space technologies corporation and the CTO of the Fergani Space company. Dr. Karabeyoğlu has co-founded Space Propulsion Group Inc.(SPG) in 1999 and served as the President/Chief Technical Officer until June 2018. In his career, Dr. Karabeyoğlu has performed extensive research in the field of rocket combustion and propulsion which has ranged from theoretical studies to investigations of practical applications and propulsion testing.

In addition, Dr. Karabeyoğlu has years of experience as an instructor and lecturer at Stanford University on a range of subjects including Applied Aerodynamics, Rocket Propulsion and Experimental Aeronautics and Astronautics.

He has also served as the Program Manager and Principal Investigator for a number of SPG programs that focused on the development and testing of hybrid rockets. Dr. Karabeyoğlu has numerous journal articles, conference papers and patents in the fields of rocket propulsion and green energy.

He was the chairman of the AIAA's Hybrid Technical Committee from 2009-2011 and served on the Expert Advisory Board thatoversaw the development of the SpaceShipTwo propulsion system developed by Scaled Composites. Dr. Karabeyoğlu is an associate fellow of AIAA.


IAF Spring Meetings 2024

26-28 March 2024

Paris, France