National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Responsible for Space Communications and Navigation Infrastructure and Services

Badri A. Younes is the Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN). He is responsible for NASA’s space communications and navigation infrastructure and services, as well as data standards and spectrum. Mr. Younes manages the SCAN Program at NASA Headquarters and oversees all NASA telecommunications and navigation projects and networks, including NASA’s Space Network (SN), Near-earth Network (NEN), and Deep Space Network (DSN). Mr. Younes is also responsible for the development of enabling technology and capabilities critical to meeting the Agency’s vision for an integrated SCaN architecture aligned with NASA’s future space exploration needs.

Prior to returning to NASA in 2007, Mr. Younes was the DoD Director for Spectrum Management with responsibility for spectrum policy and strategic planning and implementation for the Department of Defense. Under his leadership, the Department has successfully negotiated major win-win agreements with the FCC, NTIA, and US private sector. Mr. Younes’ experience spans over twenty-eight years of leadership in microwave and RF systems engineering and technology. He holds a Masters in Electronics Engineering from Catholic University of America.


The Global Conference on Space and the Information Society 2016

6-7 June 2016

Geneva, Switzerland