Barbara IMHOF

LIQUIFER Systems Group (LSG) • Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Barbara Imhof is a Vienna-based internationally renowned space architect, design researcher and educator. Her projects deal with spaceflight parameters such as with living with limited resources, minimal and transformable spaces, resource-conserving systems; all aspects imperative to sustainability. She is the co-founder and co-managing director of LIQUIFER Systems Group (LSG), an interdisciplinary team comprising engineers, architects, designers and scientists. Her ongoing engagements include design of the international habitat module for ‘Gateway’, the lunar orbital platform being developed by the International Space Station (ISS) Partners. At LSG, she recently led a 3d printing project ‘RegoLight’ to research how to build 3d printed lunar habitats using solar sintering and lava casting of simulated lunar soil. Since early 2000s, Barbara has played a pivotal role in projects involving biomimetic designs and integration of biological systems in architecture; projects include: Living Architecture (LIAR), and Growing As Building (GrAB). She has also been teaching at renowned institutes worldwide, for over 20-years. Educated in Vienna, London, and Los Angeles, Barbara holds multiple degrees including a PhD.