Benjamin GREAVES

Starlab Oasis • Closed Environment Agricultural Engineer

Ben Greaves attended the University of Michigan where he received a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a minor in Astrophysics and a master's degree in Space Engineering. As a graduate student, Ben interned at NASA Kennedy Space Center and NASA Langley Research Center where he developed projects for extraterrestrial food production as well as Martian habitat designs. Ben then became a US Peace Corps Agricultural Volunteer, where he engineered sustainable agroforestry and water irrigation systems in The Gambia for six months until he was evacuated due to COVID-19. After returning, he attended the International Space University's Interactive Space Program and conducted plant growth research as a HI-SEAS analog astronaut.

Now with StarLab Oasis, Ben is utilizing space systems to improve global food security and nutrition.


International Astronautical Congress 2022

18-22 September 2022

Paris, France


International Astronautical Congress 2021

25-29 October 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates