Brienna Henwood

ETC/NASTAR Center • Corporate Business Development

Director of Corporate Business Development at ETC and Director of Space Training and Research at ETC’s The NASTAR Center

Brienna Henwood is an accomplished Marine Biologist, Astronaut Trainer, Certified Fitness Instructor, Researcher, and Master SCUBA Diver. Ms. Henwood currently serves as the Director of Corporate Business Development for ETC, a manufacturer of extreme environment simulation training and experience equipment to optimize human performance in land, sea, air, and space-based missions.

In her role as the Director of Space Training and Research at the National AeroSpace Training and Research (NASTAR) Center in Philadelphia, PA, she has developed, managed, and conducted over eight (8) dozen courses and helped trained over 550 ‘future’ astronauts for space to date; including passengers for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, and Space Expedition Corporation’s XCor Lynx, as well as scientists, teachers, media and students worldwide.

Brienna has a lifelong passion for exploration, travel, and health/fitness. She is a leading industry spokeswoman, featured at events such as the National Suborbital Researcher Conference (NSRC), International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), and Sea Space Symposium (S3).

Brienna has a multi-cultural background with family located in four continents. She is fluent in French and English; currently studying Italian and Spanish. Brienna has a BS degree in Biology and maintains current First Aid, CPR, and AED certifications. Her professional memberships include Explorers Club, WIA, CSF, WAI, IAF, AIAA, IEEE, NSS, IAE, DAN, PADI and NAUI.

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