Carley SCOTT

Equatorial Launch Australia • CEO

Carley Scott is the CEO of Equatorial Launch Australia – Australia’s national commercial spaceport. Carley is known for building strong and innovative businesses in fast changing environments. She is currently leading the development of Australia’s first commercial spaceport, with NASA planning to launch from the site in 2020. Carley is an advisor to Australia’s leading research institute, the CSIRO and the Space Industry Association of Australia, and is a member of Women in Aerospace. Carley’s team continues to play a critical role in conversations with the Australian Space Agency regarding the nation’s developing approach to commercial launch regulations and procedures. She is also working with the world’s oldest continuous culture, linking 50,000-year-old stories told by Yolngu First Nations people to new space innovations going forward. With a history leading enterprise and site development, Carley knows how to make new enterprises work. She was previously entrusted by Rio Tinto and government as the inaugural CEO tasked with building a multi-million-dollar economic development company from the ground up. The company is now internationally referred to as best practice for developing post-mining regions. Carley and her teams have won several Australian economic development and business awards. In 2018 she was also nominated for the prestigious ‘Australian of the Year’ award and in 2015 she won a gold medal at the Australian National Archery Championships (long bow). Carley is passionate about space, technology, industry, and appropriate development – having fun now in a manner that will build a better future for the generations to come.


International Astronautical Congress 2019

21-25 October 2019

Washington, United States