Carlos Rodriguez

Orbital Space Technologies • Chief Operating Officer

Carlos has a background in physics and electromechanical engineering. He started getting involved with space on 2016 when he participated in a UNOOSA workshop in Costa Rica and later that year got a high power rocketry certification in Nevada, USA.

After that he kept finding ways to make space more accessible for students in Costa Rica, in 2018 he cofounded TECSpace the largest aerospace engineering student group in Costa Rica. TECSpace provides hands on experience and learning opportunities for students in a country where aerospace engineering does not exist as a career. On 2019 he participated on his first IAC in Washington as a presenter, also on 2019 he got selected as a member of the board of directives of ACAE (Central American Aeronautics and Space Association) where he has been a director since and recently got reelected as a directive until 2024. He also participated on the Mission Idea Contest by UNISEC in Tokyo and his project won the first prize in the ICECubes category. In 2021 he cofounded Orbital Space Technologies in Costa Rica the first Central American company seeking to provide access to space for experiments in microgravity and is currently working on making their first space flight mission a reality in October of the current year.


The Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries 2022

16-20 May 2022

Quito, Ecuador