Christiane Heinicke

ZARM Fab GmbHTeam Lead – Moon and Mars Base Analog (MAMBA),

Dr.-Ing. Christiane Heinicke has studied Applied Physics (B.Sc.) at the Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany and Geophysics (M.Sc.) at Uppsala University in Sweden. She obtained her PhD in the field of magnetohydrodynamics in Ilmenau in 2013. After working on the fracture mechanics of sea ice at Aalto University in Finland, she moved to Hawaii where she spent twelve months at a research base under Mars-like conditions. In 2017 Christiane Heinicke joined the Center of Applied SpaceTechnology and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University in Bremen, where she leads a team designing and constructing a prototype for a habitat on Moon or Mars (MAMBA – Moon and Mars Base Analog).