United Rocket and Space Corp • Director

Dr. Dmitry Payson is Director, Research and Analysis Center, United Rocket and Space Corp. (URSC) since 2014. His responsibilities include managing and guiding the works on Russian space industry structural and institutional design as part of the national space activities reform. URSC is an ‘umbrella’ holding structure created in 2014 to manage the Russian government-owned space assets and to lead the space industry reform. Previously he worked as Director of Research, Space Technologies and Telecommunication Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation building the institutional support structure for 100+ space and telecom startup companies as part of the national level innovation effort, as well as participation in a number of public/government efforts for space industry restructuring and strategy planning. Dmitry’s other experience includes positions in the major research organizations of the Russian space industry.

Dmitry’s research and practical activities play a significant role supporting the current restructuring processes in the Russian space industry as well as providing the basis for public-private partnership development in space field.

Dmitry holds Engineer and PhD degrees in Spacecraft Design from Moscow Aviation Institute and Doctor of Science in economics from the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. He is IAA Corresponding Member and Member of Roscosmos Science and Technical Council.