Egemen Özalp

CMMI Institute • Lead Appraiser

Egemen ÖZALP, PhD., is a Principale Consultant and Lead Appraiser at BTG LAYERMARK Elite Partner of CMMI Institute ISACA. He holds both bachelor and master of science degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, whereas pursued his PhD on Information Systems. His thesis work with the title Holistic Work Systems Framework aimed to harmonize the Business Process Management activities conducted in Space and Defence Market, and to align them to Business Goals. With this vision, he has performed his individual and team projects on utilizing industrial standards or market models in technical and engineering fields to support space policies development and make a base for non binding space laws. These works have been done actively in Space Studies Program of International Space University and European Center Space Law Summer School of ESA, under academic advisory of Prof. Ram Jakhu and Prof. Sergio Marchisio. The results of these projects have been presented in various international conferences, meetings and workshops including RAST, SSP, PICMET, APSCO, UNOOSA etc. Formerly he has been entrusted as Deputy Secretary General of APSCO, External Relations Director of SSPs, Business Process Manager of Space Technologies Research Institute, and SGAC Honorary Board