Elizabeth BARRIOS

IAF • IAF Launchpad Mentorship Programme Coordinator
National Institute of Aerospace (NIA)Materials Research Engineer

Dr. Elizabeth Barrios is currently a Materials Research Engineer with the National Institute of Aerospace residing at NASA's Langley Research Center. Her work primarily focuses on the development of in-situ monitoring tools for the surface preparation of carbon fiber polymer composites for adhesive bonding using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). In addition, she supports the atomistic modeling efforts for the development of all solid-state lithium ion batteries. Previously, she was a Materials & Process Engineer trainee at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, where she focused on the carbon fiber composite material selection and development, as well as material failure analysis for the center. With a passion for advancing the technical capabilities of space exploration through material selection and development, she recently completed her PhD (December 2020) in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Central Florida. With support from a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship, Elizabeth focused her PhD studies on exploring the development and feasibility of utilizing polymer and ceramic composites for lightweight, non-toxic thermoelectric materials.

Elizabeth found the IAF and Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in 2017 at the IAC in Adelaide, Australia. She currently serves as a Coordinator for the new IAF Launchpad Mentorship Programme and is a Regional Coordinator for SGAC. She is a member of the IAF YPP/WD Committee and has previously served as a member of the Workshop Organising Team for the IPMC Young Professionals Workshop (2018, 2019) and on the Space Generation Congress Organising Team (2019). Elizabeth has also spoken in the Next Generation Plenary (2020), where she spoke on public-private partnerships as they relate to the next generation of aerospace professionals. Beyond her involvement with the IAF, Elizabeth also serves on the Board of Advisors for SEDS-USA.

Elizabeth's work ethic and leadership skills have led her to receive many awards such as a NASA Space Flight Readiness Team Award (2018) for her work on the Advanced Plant Habitat (APH) and the Luigi G. Napolitano Award (2020) for her work on thermoelectric material development. In addition, Elizabeth was selected as a recipient of one of the IAF's Emerging Space Leaders grants in 2018.