Elizabeth KORDYUM

Dr. Kordyum is working in the field of space and gravitational biology and carrying out research of plant development and adaptation to microgravity that is the theoretical basis of space planting in bioregenerative life support systems for astronauts in long-term space flight, Martian missions and Moon exploration. She firstly applied the methods of electron microscopy to study the effects of spaceflight factors on plants and discovered the gravisensitivity of plant cells not specialized to gravity perception. From 1995-1998 she was a key scientist on the joint Ukrainian/US flight Experiment, of which the results are presented in her book “Plants in Space” that is co-authored with US botanist Dr. D.K. Chapman and which won the IAA book award in 2011. Over the past 30 years, as head of the section “Space Biology, Biotechnology and Medicine” in the Council on Space Research of the of the NAS of Ukraine, she assumes a leadership role in scholarly activities of Ukrainian scientists in the field of life sciences in space. She is an active member of IAA with significant achievements. In addition to her scientific work, she is deeply involved with the education of the new generation of students and scientists in space and gravitational biology.