Francesca LILLO

AVIO SpA • Vice President Health, Safety and Environment

Francesca Lillo graduated “cum laude” in Chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and, after a Master on Characterization of Structural Polymers at the Italian National Research Council, she joined the Avio Group in 1992.

She followed the development of Ariane 5 solid rocket motors for all the materials and interfaces characterization, together with several the programs of research and development of advanced solid propellants, thermal insulations and space materials.

During her career, she covered multiple roles of responsibilities in Avio Space Division in the frame of space Materials and Processes and Innovation Projects; for the Vega Program she was in charge for the development and industrialization of the solid propellants for the three stages P80, Z23 and Z9 in Avio Colleferro and in Regulus Kourou. She was Responsible of the Laboratories Area for more then 15 years, leading a multi-proficient group, with specialists on Chemistry, Physic, Non-Destructive Test and Process Engineering. She followed with her team the development and qualification of the innovative Carbon-Epoxy Prepreg, patented in 2012, now used for the current production of the large composite cases of all the Vega class Launchers and P120, the solid rocket motor for the two launchers VEGA C and ARIANE 6.

After the experience as Head of the Quality of the Space Division, she was manager of the Health Safety and Environment and Materials and Process Department when Avio became a Public Corporate Company in 2013 listed on the stock.

Currently, Francesca Lillo is Vice President Head of the HSE and Strategical Infrastructure Department of Avio and CEO of the SECOSVIM, the Real Estate Company 100% Avio, which manages and enhances the territory, the buildings and the environment of the Colleferro sites.


International Astronautical Congress 2021

25-29 October 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates