Giovanni Poggiali

Astrophysical Observatory, INAF • Astrobiologist and Planetary Scientist

Giovanni Poggiali is an astrobiologist and planetary scientist with a PhD obtained from the University of Firenze (Italy). His main field of research is laboratory infrared spectroscopy in simulated planetary environments with the aim to support the interpretation of data collected by spacecraft. He is collaborating with several space mission teams: NASA OSIRIS-REx sample return mission exploring and sampling the surface of asteroid Bennu and NASA Mars2020 Perseverance looking for signs of life in the Jezero crater, an ancient delta river on Mars. He is also Co-Investigator of MIRS instrument for JAXA MMX mission from JAXA, the Japanese Space Agency, aiming to explore the moons of Mars. He is also involved in multiple educational, outreach and biodiversity projects.


International Astronautical Congress 2024

14-18 October 2024

Milan, Italy