Jacques Rougerie

Fondation Jacques Rougerie • President

Jacques Rougerie is a globally renowned architect and oceanographer whose work has been at the forefront of space and underwater architecture for the past decades. Partly as part of his architecture firm based in Paris (Jacques Rougerie Architectes), his research and creations are based on biomimetics and largely inspired by his passion for sea, outer space, and new technologies. He has realized many emblematic and highly innovative creations, including museums and cultural centers, sea centers, airports, universities, etc. His latest works include designing underwater habitats and laboratories, floating or immerged villages, and lunar infrastructures, and features the 'SeaOrbiter' scientific exploration project (http://www.seaorbiter.com). Being an explorer himself, he has lived in several of his creations, including submarine habitats and participated in the world record of 69 consecutive days of living under water in the United States. In 2009, Jacques Rougerie has founded the Space Sea Jacques Rougerie Fondation, which various initiatives develop awareness and innovation regarding the role of sea and space in our future civilizations via young generations' endeavor. In addition to partnerships with international organizations, universities and companies aiming to support the professional development of young generations, the foundation promotes young architects and designers’ innovative solutions for space architecture via the yearly organization of a project competition, where audacity and passion in arts and architecture are core criteria. Jacques Rougerie is member of the French Fine Arts Academy (Académie des Beaux Arts), one of the five academies constituting the prestigious Institut de France and One Ocean Ambassador. He teaches and lectures worldwide.


International Astronautical Congress 2022

18-22 September 2022

Paris, France