Javier Ventura-Traveset

European Space Agency (ESA)GNSS Senior Advisor

Dr. Ventura-Traveset has been working at the European Space Agency for more than 30 years, contributing to numerous space programs covering the fields of satellite communication, Earth observation, science, lunar exploration, and notably satellite navigation. He is the Head of the ESA Navigation Science Office, coordinating GNSS scientific activities for the European Space Agency, and ESA’s Moonlight Program Navigation Manager, managing all ESA lunar navigation-related activities, including the Lunar Pathfinder and Moonlight Programmes. He also coordinates ESA contributions to the LunaNet Interoperability Specifications Working Groups, jointly organized with NASA and JAXA. Dr. Ventura-Traveset also serves as the Executive Secretary of the European Space Agency GNSS Scientific Advisory Committee and is a Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain.