Jean François DONZIER

Global Alliance for Water and Climate • Secretary General and Former General Director of the International Office for Water

Jean-François DONZIER is the General Manager of the International Office for Water since 1991. He is Permanent Technical Secretary of the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and of the International Network of Water Training Centers (INWTC). He was Governor of the World Water Council at its creation in 1997 and GWP (Global Water Partnership) Steering Committee Member for 6 years. General in French National Corps of Engineers in Bridges, Water and Forestry, he was entrusted of very high-level central positions in the French governmental administration at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Prime Minister services. He had managed the French National Fund for Rural Water Supply (FNDAE) and supervised Regional Development Companies in charge of irrigated areas in the South of France (1979-1991). He managed for 4 years the Franco-Swiss multiyear projects for the protection of Leman Lake and also Annecy Lake against pollution (1975 – 1979). Head of the Regional Supervision Office in the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, he controlled agricultural and rural water supply projects in the Southern region of the country (1973 – 1975).