Iceye • Head of Government Solutions Europe

Jeffrey Apeldoorn is the Head of Government Solutions for Europe at ICEYE and is responsible for ICEYE’s engagements across ESA, the European Commission, the PAN European organizations and European Governments, including the UK Government.Before joining ICEYE, Jeffrey held various leadership roles in space companies in Europe and the USA, working with ESA and NASA. Notably he worked for over 10 years for the OHB Group in Europe, concluding as Vice President Corporate Affairs where he worked on the group's corporate strategy development amongst others.

In the USA, Jeffrey was President & Founder of Arrow Space Consulting, supporting both US and European companies. Following this, he was Vice President Future Missions & Technology at Astrobotic Technology and part of the Leadership Team of the company. In this role Jeffrey led the R&D side of the company incl. the R&D’s Business Development, sales, budgets, contracts and hiring activities.Upon his return to Europe, he started as Director of Space Business and Strategy at Cobham in Paris where he was responsible for transforming the company from a component manufacturer to an integrated subsystem and assembly solution provider.Finally, Jeffrey is a long-time visiting lecturer on the topic of “Space Debris” at the yearly Space Studies Program of the International Space University.