Chinese Society of AstronauticsVice President

Jie Yuan (born in 1965) holds a bachelor degree in aircraft systems engineering from the National University of Defense Technology (1986) and a master degree in business administration from the China Europe International Business School. He joined Shanghai Aerospace Systems Engineering Institute as an engineer in 1986 and was subsequently promoted to the position of director of the Institute. He was appointed as the vice-president of the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology in 1996 and as president – in 2002. From 2008 until now, he has been the vice-president of the China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation.

He was elected IAA member in 2008 and vice-president of IAF in 2010. He is also the vice-president of Chinese Society of Astronautics and president of the China Institute of Space Law.

At the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, Yuan was vice-chief-designer (1995) and vice-general-director of the Long March 4B rocket (1998), and vice-chief-designer (1996) and general director of Long March 2D rocket (2000).

Yuan was recipient of China State Council’s special governmental allowance in 1998; received the honorary title of outstanding contribution expert by COSTIND in 2002; and received a special contribution prize from the China Aerospace Foundation in 2006.