Dr. Vernikos is leading research to the right path for future Space missions. She first developed a unique device, a human powered centrifuge as the most efficient countermeasure to microgravity conditions and no other has been evidenced so far. She was the mentor of most astronauts, being there when they needed her, resolving most of their problems and dared to sent John Glenn at age 77 into Space. She contributed substantially during the course of her career to the progress of space science, space technology, and management of space projects and space benefits to mankind within the framework of the IAA/IAF activities.

She is an active member of IAA with significant achievements. After her retirement she is sharing her experience and knowledge with advising Space research committees and spreads this knowledge all over the world, writing several books translated in many languages and giving lectures internationally on healthy aging, leading the third age activities. She is a famous leader and needs to be recognized by our community.